Wednesday, July 28, 2010

To all my fans and FRIENDS-  


Hello, as always, I pray for you each night and I hope your days are filled with love and hope! Remember, this world may be tough on us all, but there is hope -- hope for a NEW tomorrow.

I wish to speak to "my fans." I say "my fans," because it's important for us to all realize YOU are Michael's fans. I am simply a medium that you feel comfortable communicating with, and I am very proud to be that person you may confide in!

I am going to address those of you who are perhaps losing faith in my words: losing faith in who I truly am... I am Barry J. Shaw. This is true. But what does Barry J. Shaw represent? If you feel I am fake, or that I never met Michael -- ok then -- believe as you will. But please, do not abandon what I stand for: Love, Hope, Peace, Courage, and Faith.

Life is not always going to be nice; life is brutal. Without love, your life will be bleak and empty.

Life will knock you down, it takes hope to bring yourself back up from rock bottom -- trust me, I have been there.

You will run into those who hate you, who want your existance to be painful. TRY hard to be peaceful with them. It's tough, and we can't always be so peaceful, but we must try.

Have courage- life requires a tough life for those who fight for honesty and equality. You must have courage to battle those who oppose us.

Faith in me, faith in God, faith in anything you feel is real. FAITH makes the world go 'round.

Please, whether you abandon me or not... Please never abandon these words, because they are more then words. They give life bliss and meaning.

I love you all!
Barry J. Shaw

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2 comments: to “ To all my fans and FRIENDS-

  • May 6, 2016 at 2:03 PM  

    Beautifully put. I'm a stand-in professionally for film and TV and a former radio news caster. Have you done stand in? I absolutely love Michael Jackson! My favorite song is Earthsong. You seem extremely sincere. May God bless you!

  • May 6, 2016 at 2:07 PM  

    My own husband was on set as a background after and started to talk to my actress who I stand in for for a famous ABC TV show LOL from about 15 feet because he thought it was me LOL! Most people don't understand the concept of stand in,we understand that we are just part of the Crew. I'm fascinated by all of Michael's doubles\stand ins, it is such a shame that he had to leave this earth but I know he is blessed in heaven and his music will continue to inspire love, peace and harmony among the nations.